Please note: JaDy LADY Linux is on hold.
I found Puppy Linux. It may fill the need.
See here.
JaDytm   Linux®
Version 1•0
(A Nada Version)

From Windows® to Linux®
Easier Than You Think

Using ZipSlack, OpenOffice, Mozilla and QHacc

Handles all your old stuff:

Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Internet Explorer or Netscape®
Outlook or Eudora® mail
Money or Quicken®

And yes, it's free, as in free beer!
And it'll stay free -- it's the law.
All protected by the GNU General Public License.
Installation Is Simple
unzip the file
exit Windows to DOS

With a security-blanket:
You can still use Windows as before.
(But you won't want to.)
No more bugs! No more viruses!

For the really timid, they can try OpenOffice and Mozilla on their Windows system before making the switch. Whatever, realize that you can access your files from both Windows and Linux.

What's not to like?

The Nitty-Gritty

Okay, so it's not all stupid-simple, 'tho some of it is. OpenOffice can directly handle Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Mozilla can import Explorer, Netscape, Outlook and Eudora files. QHacc can import Money and Quicken files. Simple enough?

Configuring your phone, DSL or cable modem connection is more complicated. In the following pages, I'll take you through it step-by-step. Be sure to print these pages to have all you need at hand.

home (this page)
download the package
you do backups, right?
step-by-step guide
modem configuration
programming tools
technical details
links to others
version numbering
thank you service fee

Sorry, no AOL yet. But, if you really need it, we can talk about WINE (a way to run Windows programs from within Linux). Or, just switch to your old Windows system when you want to run AOL.

Note: JaDy Linux doesn't modify your Windows system and it doesn't require disk partitioning. A painless Linux.

Just Add Common Sense
You alone are responsible for your life.
Please use with wisdom.

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