My Portrait and About Me

painting of me by MOTTASIA

painting of me by MOTTASIA . . . (click picture to enlarge)

photo of me at a very young age

Me? Oh, I'm John Gregory Frederick Derrickson

born August 16, 1946 at 5:10 AM in Ridley Park, PA
JGD signature

A Hermit
I am the hermit, the magician, the fool.
Knight of wands I'm not -- just look the part.
Going now to mountain's cave.
Hope you'll visit me there. -- Be cool.
- John G. Derrickson

I use JavaScript, Visual Basic and Forth, and, when necessary, any other computer language. The cost to you, the client, ranges from free to expensive, depending upon your needs and resources, and my availability. My FontEdit program is used worldwide, offered free with opportunity to purchase the next version. My TextList program was written for the public domain. I've implemented and administered access security on mainframe computer systems. I've automated manual operations and converted systems to newer computing environments. I've designed, programmed, documented and implemented many applications including accounting, astrology, inventory, payroll, scheduling, statistics, etc.

The faithful dog 'oft roams at night.
The strongest iron will rust.
The cooing dove is not so bright.
The good earth is also dust.
Thorns mar the sweetly scented rose.
And, the stinger has the bee.
With these thoughts, I'd like to close:
Don't expect too much of me.

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